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Black Jack Players Choice

Black Jack Players Choice

There is nothing better than a new version of the most interesting casino game Blackjack. Blackjack Players Choice is no doubt the best innovation in the blackjack game category. This game offers the players with the classic blackjack and some extra features on top of that/ The RTP of this game is extremely high, reaching up to a value of 98.40%. Black Jack Players Choice has been designed and developed by the 1×2 gaming in alliance with NYX gaming. This is one of the best combination in the gaming world. The blackjack tips and tricks for this new game are also mentioned in one of the sections on the game screen.

Blackjack TipsBlackjack Players Choice Features

The features of this blackjack variant from 1×2 gaming are no doubt unique.As the name suggests, the game gives the player a choice to choose their own cards and bets. The table is in a beautiful red color with the sets of cards arranged in the middle of the table. At the top corners there are some cards and at the bottom of the screen, various chips of different values are displayed. Eight standard decks of 52 cards are used in playing this game. For more tips and tricks read below.

Gameplay- Blackjack Tips And Tricks

BlackjackThe basic rules of the game are similar to any classic blackjack game. However, there are a few different blackjack tips and tricks that are different than the other versions. The player can choose the bet from 10p to £800. Click the deal button and a set of five faces down cards will appear on the table. The player has to look at the top most bar on the screen where all the numbers on the cards are shown. One hand for the dealer and one hand for the player has to be chosen. The best part is that the player can choose another card if they don’t like their first choice. However, the second hand that is chosen has to be finalized at any cost because the first one will disappear automatically. After this is done, the normal blackjack rules apply like a hit, stand, double, split, etc. The basic aim is to get a sum of cards bigger than the dealers but no more than 21.

Winning- Blackjack Tips

There are lots of chances of winning at this blackjack game since the player can predict the card they are choosing from the information given on the table. The best blackjack tips for this game is to count the cards before choosing the right one and play with it.

Online CasinoVerdict

The innovative features and stunning graphics make this game of blackjack extremely playable. The high RTP and the extra information given for the convenience of the players make this version of blackjack one of its kind.

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