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There’s only one king of the casino and everyone knows it’s Blackjack so if you’re a brand new player just getting accustomed to the casino world then this game should definitely be your first stop. In fact, even if you’ve never been to a casino before we dare say you’ve probably already played the game before as this is a household game that’s been played in homes up and down the country for generations.

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With that said though, we’ll give everyone a quick rundown on the game of Blackjack so that we’re all on the same page here. Blackjack is a game that’s played with anywhere from 6-8 decks and all these cards are shuffled together to make one large deck. This is all that’s required to play Blackjack and you as a player will be playing against the dealer at your table. Up to 6 hands can be dealt at once against a dealer so this means you can play multiple games at once or you could be playing along side 5 other players.

Blackjack rules

At its core Blackjack is just a point scoring game with the main goal here being to get as close to 21 points as possible without ever going over that number. If you score 22 or high in this game then your hand will be considered dead and you lose the game.

The face cards in Blackjack are all valued at ten and each number card in the deck represents its value so a 9 is worth 9 and a 2 is worth 2 etc. The only odd ball in Blackjack is the ace as which is worth either 1 or 11 with the choice being up to you.

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To start Blackjack each player is dealt two face up cards while the dealer is dealt one. The action will then be on the player and they have the choice to either take another card or stick with what they’ve got. The lower your point total at the start the less likely you are to go bust and so the more likely you are to take another card. When you’re happy with your hand the action will then be on the dealer who must follow a very strict set of rules. If the dealer ever has 16 or less they must take another card and if they have 17 or over they must stick.

Special Blackjack moves

These are the basics of Blackjack however there are a couple of special moves that have been added to the game that will help you in the long run. The first of those is the splitting rule.

With the splitting rule when you’re dealt two cards of the same type such as two kings or two eights you may split them into two separate hands and each hand will take another card. You have to pay another bet if you wish to do this however you can win double the amount so it’s a fair tradeoff. This rule is especially good when you see the dealer has something like a 6 showing as they are more likely to go bust due to the number of 10’s in the deck. Likewise, if you’re dealt two aces then you would want to split as well as getting to 21 would be far more likely.

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The second special rule in Blackjack is the double down rule and similar to the splitting rule this is a great bet to make when the dealer is showing a 6. With this bet you are allowed to double your bet and you must take exactly one more card. Players will mainly use this move when the dealer is showing a poor card such as a 5, 6, or 7 and their current card total is around 10 or 11 as the chances of them getting 20/21 is quite high while the chance of the dealer going bust is pretty high too. This is one of the best moves in the game as you’ll be able to play for higher stakes when the deck is in your favour.

The rule of Blackjack

The best perk this game gives you is the rule of Blackjack which occurs when your opening hand is an ace and a face card. So long as the dealer doesn’t show an ace you will automatically win the hand and better yet they will give you an extra 50% added onto your winnings as well so a £2 bet would pay back £5 instead of £4!

Online Blackjack is quick and easy

When it comes to playing Blackjack online you’ll find a whole new world of opportunities open up to you but the best of those has to be where you get to play. Playing a couple of hands of Blackjack can sometimes only take you 5-10 minutes so travelling all the way out to your local casino for that seems a bit excessive. Online Blackjack allows you to play your favourite game from the comforts of your own home allowing you to save all the time and hassle involved in getting to and from your local casino.

Blackjack games

Not only that but online Blackjack also comes with a far larger collection of games than any land based casino could. Online casinos are not restricted by the confines of space and so they’re able to offer up every type of Blackjack game imaginable and so you’ll be able to try out each and every variation of the game to see what you like best. From Cool Play Casino’s collection of games our recommendation would be Hi Lo Blackjack which in addition to the regular game you also get to make a side bet on the score of the first two cards drawn!

All in all it’s not hard to see why Blackjack is the most popular game in the casino. The game is incredibly easy to pick up and after just a hand or two you’ll be well into the swing of things. Not only that but it’s fast paced so the action comes fast. And finally it also comes with many cool variations that will keep the game fresh and interesting for you day after day!

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