What is Roulette?


 A stop at the casino isn’t complete unless it’s followed up by a spin at the Roulette table as this is one of the most action packed and exciting games in the entire casino and it’s the table game that comes with the biggest wins out the lot. If you’ve never played at a Roulette table before then we’re nothing short of jealous as you’ve got it all to look forward to. Before you get started though you’ll probably want to read up on what Roulette is, how you play it, and every other little tid bit about it and the good news is you can read all about it right here so don’t go anywhere!

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The first thing we’ll start with is describing just what the game of Roulette is along with the rules of the game. Roulette is played with a wheel that has 37 numbers on it, a ball, and a betting table. The general idea behind Roulette is to spin the ball around the wheel while players bet which number they think it will land on. Along the edge of the wheel will be each of the 37 numbers and each number will be painted either red, black, or green and this is simply to give you even more things to bet on. There’s no more to it than this however this also doesn’t do the game nearly enough justice as the game is far more exciting than we have just made out.

What makes Roulette so popular?

There are two things that make the game of Roulette so popular and that’s the amount you can win and the variation of bets you can make. We’ll start by going into the many variations of betting there are before telling you how much each makes as that makes the most sense.

The popular game of Roulette

The first bet you can make is the most obvious and that’s to bet which number you think the ball will land on. There’s 37 numbers for you to choose from and they start at the number 0 and go up to the number 36. Betting on a single number to come out pays out the largest amount but it’s also the bet that’s least likely to win.

You can improve the chances of you making a winning bet by betting on multiple numbers at the Roulette table to come out at once. This is just like the single bet except you’re making a couple of these bets at the same time.

The Roulette betting table

If you take a look at the betting table in the game of Roulette you’ll notice it’s been structured in a grid like formation with 3 rows of 12 ranging from 1 to 36 with the number 0 on top of the grid taking up an entire row of its own. This is important because you will use this grid to make unique bets where you’ll be able to split your bet across multiple numbers at once.

Make your bets at the Roulette table

The bets you can make because of this grid mean you can split your bet across two numbers that are adjacent to each other, you could bet on four numbers at once by placing your betting chip on the corner of four numbers on the grid, and then you can place your chips on any part of the edge of the grid to denote you’d like to bet than the ball will land on a number in either the row or the column that you’ve selected.

Even after this there’s still a couple more bets you can make at the Roulette table such as betting whether the ball will land on a red or a black colour, whether it will be a high or a low number, an odd or an even number, or you could even bet on which section of the wheel it will land in!

Roulette Payouts

There’s a lot of betting options at the Roulette wheel and this is one of the major reasons as to why it’s so exciting, however working out how much each bet makes can be a little tricky…well that would be if you didn’t have a little help at hand! Each table you play at will tell you exactly how much each bet pays out and at the online Roulette table the game will pay you out instantly and computers don’t make mistakes so you won’t need to worry about being short changed.

Roulette offers big payouts

When it comes to the pay outs there’s a simple rule in place which is the less numbers you had on the more you’ll make. The most you can make from a single spin is 36 times your money as the payout for a single number is 35-1. This means if you were to bet £1 you’d win £35 plus your £1 back making £36! This means that in just two spins you could turn £1 into £1,296 which is pretty crazy and to be honest also a little unlikely – although it certainly happens from time to time.

After this you have the double bets which pay out 17-1, a corner bet which pays 8-1, a row bet which pays 11-1, a column bet which pays 2-1, and then finally the 50/50 bets which will double your money!

You’ll find once you’ve been playing a while you’ll quickly be able to get a rough idea of how much you’re due from each bet and the computer pays you automatically anyway so we’d suggest you don’t worry too much about this aspect of Roulette!

Roulette isn’t complicated

So if you were looking to learn all about the wonderful and exciting game of Roulette well now you know everything you’ll need to know to get started. The game we’ve been talking about today has only been classic Roulette which is a great introduction into the world of online Roulette however once you’ve got to grips with this game you may then want to take a look at the many variations this game offers as they each have their own little perks that keep the game interesting time and time again!

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