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Blackjack Professional Series High Limit

Blackjack Professional Series High Limit

All the high rollers will love this blackjack game Blackjack Professional Series High Limits. This is one blackjack game designed for the people who want to make high bets and spend money on it. Designed and developed by the Net Entertainment online gaming software developers, Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has really crisp graphics and a smooth gameplay. Many Net Entertainment casinos also give blackjack casino bonus on this game which can be availed for some extra amount of fun.

Blackjack Casino BonusAll About Blackjack Professional Series High Limit Features

As the name suggests this is the blackjack game from the professional series of NetEnt. The professional series is famous for having some of the best games. This is a high limit variant which means that the bet sizes are all higher than the normal and people who want to play with a larger amount can opt for this game. The Blackjack casino bonus on this game can make the player win even bigger prizes. The design of the table is done in a classic way with green felt table and the arrangement of the cards and chips at the uppermost corners of the screen. The game rules are also mentioned clearly on the table for the convenience of the players.

How To Play The Game With Blackjack Casino Bonus

Blackjack Professional Series High LimitThe game rules of the blackjack high limit professional series are simple. If the player has the basic knowledge of blackjack, there will be no difficulty in playing this game. The only difference between this and the normal blackjack games is that this lets the player play three hands at once. So the player can take up to three pairs of cards and play with them. So the game progresses with the dealer dealing two faced up cards to the player and one face up and one face down card to himself. Options like a hit, stand, split, double etc are to be used in order to play. To win the player needs to have the sum of cards more than the dealer and less than 22. A sum of 21 is a blackjack which is the highest paying win.

Blackjack Casino Bonus Advantages

Playing this game with a blackjack casino bonus is extremely advantageous. The reason for this is that the player gets to play with some extra cash and less of their money is being utilized. This means that the player can win much more for less. However, it is advisable to check the offer rules before availing them.

Online CasinoTo Sum Up

All in all high limit blackjack professional series is the best choice for all the high rollers. The graphics and the gameplay are pretty impressive. In addition to this, the high RTP and the fact that the player can actually play more than one hand at a time are pretty impressive.

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