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Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Blackjack Professional Series Standard

All the online blackjack lovers might have heard of the blackjack professional series by the Net Ent online gaming software developers. Blackjack Professional Series Standard is one of the games in this series. This is the standard version which means that the betting range will be standard. There is also a low limit and high limit versions present in this series for the players to enjoy. The standard version is for the players who want to play a good game of blackjack without spending too much or too little. Net Ent has developed this Blackjack Professional Series Standard version and has done a great job with the graphics and features. The players can also avail that mobile blackjack free bonus if they play this game on their mobiles.

Mobile Blackjack Free BonusAll About Blackjack Professional Series Standard Features

Blackjack Free BonusThe standard edition of the Blackjack Professional series has been beautifully designed with the usage of some pretty eye-catching colors. The table is in standard green felt that looks pretty realistic. All the graphics are in high definition giving the game a very realistic look. The chips are arranged in order at the upper part of the screen. The cards and bet sizes are mentioned on the top corners of the table. Below are mentioned the hit, double and hold buttons. Additionally, the player can also check the game rules by clicking the ‘?’ button. If the player does not want the game sounds, an option to mute is also given for convenience. The standard professional series blackjack is available on the mobile phones as well so the player can easily avail the mobile blackjack free bonus offer and play till their heart’s content.

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The Gameplay and Mobile Blackjack Free Bonus

The game play of this version of blackjack is similar to any other blackjack game with just some changes. The table has three hands for the players to play with. The player can either play with all three or two or even a single hand. The dealer deals the player with two faces up cards ( 6 in case of three hand game) and himself with one face up and one face-down card. The rest of the game proceeds with the common rules and the paytable is mentioned in the information section of the game. For the mobile users availing the Mobile Blackjack Free bonus is extremely beneficial since it gives some extra cash to wager and win.

Mobile BlackjackTo Sum Up

Blackjack Professional series has some of the best blackjack games delivered by Net Ent. however this standard version suits everyone best. The graphics are clear and the gameplay is smooth. All the options are mentioned on the screen clearly. The high RTP also make this game much more playable.

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