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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild

Deuces wild Poker is one of the top Poker game developed by Microgaming. Microgaming designed this game with exclusive graphics and acceptable audio sounds when you start playing. The Gameplay is also quite comfortable and understanding. This game simulates video poker game, and the deuces are the only things that are different. In this game, deuces(2) acts as wilds and replaces any symbols, thus acting as winning combination.

Double Bonus PokerGet to know Deuces Wild Poker jackpot

This jackpot game allows for combining strategy with luck. Generally, you have 10 various possibilities of winning the game. Even though the biggest winning is Natural Royal Flush, 9 other possibilities are present where you can win. Deuces Wild Poker offers a huge jackpot of 4000 coins for Natural Royal Flush. However, four deuces(2) will give jackpot of 1000 coins.

Deuces Wild Poker Gameplay

Deuces WildInitiating the game play, select the bet amount. You can increase or decrease your bet as you wish. While doing so, the board will display different winnings for the particular bet amount. On finalization of the bet amount, hit deal. Immediately, 5 cards come to access, and just make a choice of holding the card. Press the hold button and the card you want to hold back holds automatically. Later draw the cards that are not useful. When you do so, the slot will replace new cards in place of the unuseful ones. The winning combinations could be an ace, jack, ten and queen of the same suit you are likely to have the natural royal flush. Other winning combinations in deuces wild can be

Combination of 4 deuces together resulting in Four Deuces.

Combination of one or more deuces with royal flush is a Deuces Royal Flush.

Combination of 5 similar denomination where one or more deuces acts as wild – Five of a kind.

Combination of 5 cards in a sequence is Straight Flush.

Combination of 4 similar denomination cards is Four of a kind.

Combination of 3 similar denomination cards along with 2 cards of a different denomination is a Full House.

5 cards of the same suit combine and gives Flush.

One of the finest options regarding the deuces wild is doubling the bet option. After winning, the player can double the bet or collect the coins. Bet Max provides the maximum option to bet.

Deuces Wild Poker

To Sum Up

In conclusion, Deuces Wild Poker is a video poker game with a nicely laid out board and beautiful graphics. It is fun to play with deuces as wilds to test our strategy of winning.

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