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Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal is an immensely engrossing online slots game. This popular scratch card game offers some exciting big rewards and is truly entertaining. You can end up winning up to a roaring sum of £1,000,000. The user interface of this game is fascinating with the graphics, theme and design offering the player the fun of playing a bingo or a typical lottery game.

Online SlotsRing in the gem of this online slots game

If you wish to collect the enormous rewards, you will simply have to show 10 diamonds in a row. The trick is that neither you can lose lives nor bring the current prize value down. To begin with, you have to decide on the amount you wish to play with. The cool game provides six betting options and the more the amount invested in the play, the larger the jackpot sum that you can win. With £1, you can win: £100,000; with £2 your jackpot can amount to £800,000 and likewise up to   £1,000,000 for £10.

There are 50 boxes on the grid, but the diamonds are hidden in only 10 of them. If you happen to select an empty box, you will lose a life and will have only 4 remaining lives. If you lose all 4 lives subsequently, you will have to forgo the entire prize. The “Quick Pick” option enables searching everything for you and set the slot game accordingly. Once you hit this button, a box will appear in front of you. If you locate the gem inside the box, the slot game will stop and a sum of money will be paid out. To resume the game, you will have to re-hit the button. This process will continue until you find a diamond. Once you’ve grabbed the diamond, it becomes the “Cash Out” feature. With Diamond Deal, you can cash out the winning reward whenever you want in this online slots.

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Online slots Stake Levels:

You can play a maximum of 3 coins on this payline when playing this online slots game. You must note that the coin values cannot be adjusted and have been fixed at 1.00 so as to limit the maximum bet spin to cost a total of 3.00.

There are 3 jackpots in this slot like most 3 reel one line slots and you can win them when three of the Diamond symbols appear on the payline. These jackpots comprise 500 coins, 1000 coin and 3000 coins corresponding to 1, 2, 3 coins bet respectively. The bonus game can be played but you will need a maximum bet to trigger that.

The Standard Reel Symbols from top to bottom paying order on the Diamond Deal slot are as follows: Triple Bar, Double Bar, Diamond, Blue 7, Single Bar and Cherry.

The Scatter and Bonus Symbols: The third reel features a ring box and on spinning that into reel 3, a total of four times will activate the bonus round. Once you collect the four segments of the Diamond, you will be presented with a series of boxes featured on another screen. You will be required to choose from those to unveil your bonus credits.

SlotsWild Symbols: The diamonds refer to the wilds that you can earn. Except for the Scattered Ring Box symbol, they apply for all symbols in the game.

This engaging online slots game is full of diamonds, money and good entertainment as it includes bumper rewards which make it worth the play.

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