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Emperor’s Garden Scratch

The world’s most famous scratch card Deposit Bonus company NYX again came up with a scratch game called Emperor’s Garden Scratch taking the similar named slot game as the base. This is a scratch card game with stunning graphics, all relating to Japanese culture. Gamblers like this game for its huge betting range.  Excellent theme, with multiple symbols and awesome background music make this game unique. The interface of the game is clean and uncomplicated.

Scratch Card Deposit BonusBasics of the Emperor’s Garden Scratch card Deposit Bonus game

This Scratch card is a 9 card game with 3×3 rows. By purchasing the tickets for 9 cards, you can initiate the game. Players can play from 1 cent to 2 pounds. Each card has different symbols. However, the player has to find the symbols hidden behind the back of the ticket.

The main objective of the game includes finding the tickets of the same symbol. Three of those similar symbols makes a winning combination.

Symbols incorporating in the game are pertinent to Japanese such as Yin and Yang, the emperor, the pagoda, the lotus etc. But the highest value symbols stand for picturesque landscape and the lowest value symbols stand for bonsai trees. The golden fish gives 100x multipliers, whereas pagoda gives 50x multipliers and the lotus gives 5x multipliers. The main screen consists of a lottery ticket. However, players have to scratch and reveal the lottery.

Scratch Card Know the payouts of this scratch card Deposit Bonus game

Each symbol in scratch card Deposit Bonus game is assigned with multiplier value ranging from 1x to 1000x. Particular symbols will have particular values ranging from lowest to highest. Payout of the user is calculated by multiplying these values with the bet amount.

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The game’s interface consists of Play button to start the game, the credits button shows the amount the user won. To play the game in automatic mode, use the button to the right side of the table. No jackpots exist in the game. Players love the ultimate payouts of Emperor’s Garden scratch game.

Deposit Bonus BonusTo Sum Up

This scratch card Deposit Bonus game by NYX gaming is one of the most fun-filled games for the players. The users have extensive opportunity to select a bet and play accordingly. Payouts of the user depends on the bet amount the players applies in their bets, higher the bets, higher is the return.

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