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European Roulette

One of the UK Roulette online mobile casino game that is rising fast in popularity is Gamevy’s European Roulette. In line with its land-based cousin, this game has a single zero on display on its wheel and the players can make either inside or outside bets. Check out the review below for more details on the type of bets available.

Roulette Online

An Exciting UK Roulette Game

The first thing you should know about European Roulette is that it has a simple and exciting gameplay. There are a total of thirty-seven even and odd numbers displayed on the wheel. The numbers on this UK Roulette game are from zero to thirty-six with the zero in a green coloured background while the other numbers are in alternate red and black backgrounds.

The wheel is spun and the ball is thrown on it in order to commence the game. A win is achieved when a player has placed inside or outside bets and the ball stops on the number(s), colours or even/odd number(s) wager made. This roulette has 3 columns with 3 numbers on each column and a total of 12 rows.

Understanding Your Betting Option

Roulette Online

As mentioned before, there are both Inside and Outside betting options on offer in this UK Roulette. With the Inside Bets, players can place a wager on any of the numbers within the grid structure. However, for the Outside Bets, players can wager on the red/black colours and odd/even numbers. These bets are those placed on options outside the grid structure.

The Payouts Of This UK Roulette Online Casino Game

Some of the Inside Betting options, available in this UK Roulette and their payout ratio include;

  • Straight Up Betting Option – Here players bet on just one number and they have a 35:1 payout ratio.
  • Split Betting Option – Players can bet on two numbers that are adjacent to each other and this has a 17:1 payout ratio. There are also Line Betting (5:1), Square Betting (8:1) and Street Betting (11:1) options available.
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For the Outside Betting options you have the following available in this roulette game.

  • Dozen Betting (2:1)
  • Column Betting (2:1)
  • Even Money Betting (1:1) options.

UK RouletteTo sum up

This is a simplistic roulette game that has similar rules as it’s land-based cousin. Players can play from most available mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. The game offers several betting options for players to choose from and vary their gameplay in the process.

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