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Giant Gems

Giant Gems is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot machine online gratis game developed by NYX and provided by Cool Play Casino. As its name suggests, the game is themed on precious gems. You can find all sorts of large and colourful games in different shapes. The game is designed to fulfil your fantasy of winning as many precious gems as possible. You should try to win the biggest and the most beautiful of them.

Slot Machine Online GratisSlot Machine Online Gratis Symbols & Bets

The slot machine online gratis allows you to bet anything from £0.10 to £800. It features 9 symbols that can be broken into low-payout and high-payout groups.

  • Low-Payout Symbols: The low-payout symbols include the standard 10, J, Q, K and A. These symbols are more likely to land on the reels because of their low payouts.
  • High-Payout Symbols: The precious stones are the high-payout symbols in this game. These include Green, Purple, Red and Blue gems.

The thrill of getting a high-paying, bright stone keeps you engaged in this slots game.

Slot Machine Online Gratis Bonus Features

Bonus Slot GamesGiant Gems allows you to play higher-paying optimal feature. The feature will replace the lower-payout symbols with the large gems that land on the second, third and fourth reels. If you want to win big, you should focus on the big “Fortune Bets” button.

The Fortune Bets button can be used to boost or reduce your bet. The coins you choose to bet can help you determine the probability of the symbols that appear on the reels.

  • 1 Coin: No extras
  • 2 Coins: 10s are eliminated and you get the purple gem
  • 4 Coins: 10s and Jack are eliminated and you can get green and/or purple gems
  • 6 Coins: 10s, Jack and Queen are eliminated and you can get green, purple and/or blue gems
  • 8 Coins: All standard cards except Ace are eliminated and you can get green, purple, red and/or blue gems
  • 10 Coins: All the standard cards are eliminated and you can get any of the big coloured gems
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The higher you bet, the more likely you are to win big in this slot machine online gratis game.

Online CasinoPerfect Slot Machine Online Gratis Game for All Types of Players

Giant Gems stands out for its vivid gems, unique bonus feature, and beautiful graphics. The gameplay is simple and offers the vast betting range that allows everyone to explore ample winning and fun opportunities.

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