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Golden Ball Roulette

Golden Ball Roulette

NYX Gaming created Golden Ball Roulette,.which is a version of the European roulette. It has an exciting golden ball feature which is inclusive of its standard gameplay. There are also different cash prizes as well as a jackpot, that is done monthly to further boost your roulette odds. Learn more about this game from the review below.

Roulette OddsBoost Your Roulette Odds Of Winning By Placing and Understanding The Various Bets

With Golden Ball Roulette, players can boost their roulette odds of winning and having a good payout by understanding what bets to place. In this online roulette, the following bets are available for players to choose from.

Straight Up bet: This bet is placed by players,.when they place their chips on one number and that also includes zero.

Split bet: This bet involves placing chips on the line that is in between two different numbers and which does not include a zero.

Street bet: This bet is placed by players on 3 numbers. It is at the end of a row of three numbers that the betting chips are placed.

Corner bet: This bet involves placing the betting chips to cover 4 numbers. The chips are placed in a corner at the point where the 4 numbers converge.

Line bet: Players place their bets at the intersection of two rows. This bet covers 6 numbers.

Column bet: Players place their chips on a 2 to 1 box that is located at the ending of the column. This bet covers the 12 numbers on the column.

Other bets include Dozen bet, Red/Black, Neighbour bet, Special bet and Even/Odd bet.

HD Video Streaming And High-Quality Sound

Online RoulettePlayers of this online roulette are treated to high-definition video quality. This will make them feel like they are in a real-life casino. The sound quality is equally very good, and there is also an audio and video setting option under the ‘Setting’ menu.

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The HD video quality does not drop, even if the players make use of a full-screen viewing option. When you play this high roulette odds online game, you appear as if you are actually seated at a betting table, as the camera angle is positioned from the players perspective.

Improve Your Roulette Odds With The Golden Ball Bonus Round

Players that have placed the highest wager value for a total of 20 successive spins of the wheel, can boost their roulette odds by playing a Golden Ball bonus round. You get to know if you are close to playing this bonus round, by observing the counter on the screen with each spin.

Once activated, the dealer allows the player to place a bonus bet and the round starts. Other players will have to wait until this bonus round ends. Cash prizes can be won when this bonus round is played.

Golden Ball RouletteTo sum up

This is a decent and exciting roulette with lots of cool features. It is definitely worth a trial by both the experienced roulette players and newbies.

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