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Live Automatic Roulette

The Live Automatic Roulette developed by NetEnt, is one roulette that promises to be exciting. This game features live dealers in a live action casino style game. Read on to learn how this stands out from the other roulette games, in this review.

Roulette GamesDifferent Roulette Games Options

In Live Automatic Roulette by NetEnt, the players are allowed to select different types of roulette games to play. These include French roulette, European roulette and Auto roulette. The game options are available in the setting menu.

The playing screen can also be customised by players to suit their specific taste. With the different gaming options in this roulette, the players can play for much longer. This is because of the variety of playing options.

With the different roulette games option, the players can place both Inside and Outside bets. They can play the bets available on each type of roulette variant. These include straight, split, unit, neighbour, red/black and line bets.

Play From Your Mobile Device

RouletteYou have an instant play option that is designed for playing on mobile devices. Most online roulette games are compatible with different operating systems. This roulette is no different, and you can play on any iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile device.

Some mobile devices include an Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, as well as a Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet series. Players need not worry about the mobile device that they have, as long as they have the internet connection.

One Of The Best Roulette Games In HD

The video quality of this live streaming online roulette is high-definition. The streaming is done from a real live casino that is located in Malta. You have both male and female croupiers, that are always smiling and polite.

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Players have access to 24/7 live roulette tables. There is a low latency with the HD video streaming. This is because NetEnt makes use of advanced technologies, to ensure crystal clear real-time streaming.

There is a webcam option that allows players to view fellow players as they play. Players can also chat with the live dealers. They can also have access to promotion packages and bonus offers. Players can view and send messages, just like a typical chat room.

Online RouletteTo sum up

This roulette has secure and quick payment options. You can enjoy a variety of gaming options as well as the live roulette action when you play this slot game today.

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