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Premier Blackjack multi hand

Premier Bj multi hand

The Premier Bj multi hand is an online casino blackjack game developed by Microgaming. This blackjack adopts a European style format and involves two decks of standard playing cards consisting of 52 cards per deck. Read on to learn more about this blackjack version.

Premier Blackjack multi handHigh Definition Premier Bj multi hand

With the Premier BJ multi hand you have an online blackjack with HD graphics and realistic animation. The sound is equally good and sets you in the mood for a game of blackjack.

Online blackjack casino games are in high demand. More and more people would like to play a game of blackjack but from the comfortable confines of their home.

This Premier BJ multi hand version by Microgaming provides a good combination of realistic gameplay and rich reward. The game can be played by both professionals and first-timers alike. There are no downloadable browsers, so you can just play online for free from any of the available service sites.

Knowing More About This Online Blackjack Game

Pay By Phone Bill CasinoWith this online blackjack, you have just two playing card decks consisting of 52 playing cards per deck. This is the standard European blackjack version that you might be used to, so the European blackjack rules apply here too.

Just before a game starts, a dealer will shuffle the cards. Players choose their betting chips which can be anywhere from £1 to £100 per chip. Players can select the number of hands they intend playing with. This can be between 1 and 5 hands. The dealer will begin with a card that faces upwards, and another that will face downward.

Some Of The Playing Rules Of Premier BJ multi hand

You can double your bet when you have 9, 10 or 11 points on a hand. On 17 points, the croupiers will halt the drawing of playing cards. Players are allowed to split playing cards that have a similar rating; for example two Kings, two Queens or two Aces. However, players can only split once for each hand.

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In Premier BJ multi hand players are not permitted to double-down their bet once a split has been affected. You have a standard payout coefficient in this online blackjack. With the standard box, the payout ratio is 1:1. The payout ratio for blackjack is 3:2 and the payout ratio for insurance are 2:1.

Balck Jack GamesTo Sum up

The good graphics, animation and sound effects give the players of this blackjack, a pleasurable experience. You can start playing at your convenience today, and with minimal real money bets.

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