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Premier Blackjack Hi Lo

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo

Another online blackjack casino gambling game to be added to Microgaming’s already vast collection is Premier Blackjack Hi Lo. This blackjack follows European blackjack rules. Players can make side bets as well, but this will depend primarily on the total value of the playing cards held by two other players. Read the review below to learn more.

Premier Blackjack Hi LoGetting To Know The Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Online Casino Game

As mentioned earlier, Premier Blackjack Hi Lo is developed by Microgaming and has European standard rules in play. Players are allowed to deal basically with only a single hand. They can, however, make side bets if they want, but their ability to do so will rely on the overall playing card value of the two other players.

Players can place their bets in line, with the minimum chip size limit of £1 and a maximum chip size limit of £800. Once your bet value has been selected, you will be required to click on the ‘Deal’ button located in the betting area. With the ‘Deal’ button clicked, the dealer will pull out a card and place this card on the betting table.

Playing This Online Blackjack

Pay By Phone Bill Casino In playing Premier Blackjack Hi Lo, the players do so with two standard decks of cards. You should know that these deck of cards are played without their Jokers included. Before you start playing any deal of this game, the dealer will shuffle the playing cards.

This is common with most blackjack versions by Microgaming. In this Premier Blackjack Hi Lo game, the croupier will desist from dealing as soon as he has a point score of “17” for a hand. Players can apply a hard hand doubling-down on any of 9, 10 or even 11 score points.

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More Information On Playing Premier Blackjack Hi Lo

Players can split while playing this slot game, but only once per hand. A player can also double-down after a split has been made. However, it is not permitted for players to split those different playing cards that have a face value of “10”.

Players can include a number of playing cards to any Ace that has been split. This blackjack has a no “Surrender Option”. Players can make use of the “Insurance” game feature, as soon as the croupier deals an Ace that is faced upwards.

Online Casino GamesTo Sum up

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo permits players to place extra bets as well. The game comes will very high-quality graphics, animation and a decent sounding theme music. Players are allowed to try out the demo version of this blackjack, where they can play without placing any real money bets.

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