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Premier MultiHand Bonus Blackjack

Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack

Once again, Microgaming has provided online Blackjack players with a version that offers them great bonuses. They call this game Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack. You can get more information on this Blackjack from the review below.

Bonus Blackjack GamesUnderstanding The Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack Better

The Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack is a version developed by Microgaming, that is played free of charge online. This blackjack comes with bonus payouts and players can bet on between 1 to 5 hands.

Playing this blackjack involves the use of two decks of standard playing cards, of 52 playing cards in each of the two decks. However, the game is played without the Jokers in the decks. Before a deal is made, the cards are shuffled.

Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack adopts the rules of an American-styled Blackjack game. The croupier will initially deal two playing cards to himself and will turn one of the playing cards face up to reveal their value. Where the card facing up is an “Ace” or a “10”, the croupier will check out the value of his second card to see if he has landed a blackjack (i.e. a total card value of 21).

Basic Rules Of This Blackjack

Casino SlotsIn this game, there are certain rules that all players need to follow, and they include;

A dealer can stand where the “17” is hard, while on a soft “17” he can hit.

You can double-down after a split. You can also double-down on any two playing cards.

Players can split up to three times in one round until the box has a total of four hands formed by them.

You can split an Ace once and also include a single card to the split ace.

A blackjack can include a “10” and a split Ace.

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There is no “Surrender” option available.

Players can take an insurance against blackjack where the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace.

The Payout And Bonus Of Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack

In this Premier Multihand Bonus Blackjack, the payout is pretty basic and include;

A Standard winning hand is 1:1.

A Blackjack is 3:2.

An Insurance is 2:1.

Players are allowed to make side bets, but this must be done along with their main bet.

However, it is possible for players to win main or side bets independently. Players will receive payouts if they have these two cards;

Two cards of a similar suit will give them a payout ratio of 5:2.

An Ace plus Jack, but of a similar suit will earn a payout ratio of 25:1.

An Ace plus the Jack of Spades will earn a payout of 50:1.

Premier MultiHand Bonus BlackjackTo Sum up

This is a good blackjack game for both experienced and amateur players. The bonus feature is also a great way of encouraging players to play and place decent bets, because of the considerable payouts on offer.

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