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Roulette Master

Roulette Master

Roulette Master is a brilliant roulette table game released by Microgaming. It is a nice version of the European roulette as it just includes 1 green zero. It contains a realistic-looking wheel and a smooth interface. With a stunning gameplay, this roulette is doing well in the industry. The RTP is 97.30%.

Roulette TableHow this roulette table works?

The players are required to choose the size of the chip from the selection below a betting table and after that, they have to click on their chosen bet. Some betting options of this roulette table game features minimum bet amounts- for instance, the minimum bet amount for the black or red, evens or odds is one chip i.e. £1.00.

Now, the players just have to click a big ‘Play’ arrow present at the centre of the screen’s bottom. They can even use Autoplay counter which is placed at the right side of the screen for about 999 spins in the row. This roulette table game maintains a complete record of what is happening through the statistics and charts that can be accessed through various icons located at the right-hand side.

Interface of this interesting Roulette Master

Rouletrte MasterThe screen’s main part has been occupied by a three-dimensional picture of a roulette wheel. There is a layout with the betting field. Also, the racetrack for the betting upon sectors and neighbours opened separately. It occurs between a main layout and the wheel. However, the players can deactivate it automatically during the spinning wheel. It even has a vertical board on the left side which shows the recent winning numbers.

At the roulette table screen’s bottom, the players can view a functional panel along with many buttons. There are buttons which activate roulette wheel, an automatic mode. Few of them even allow the repetition of the previous bets, doubling them and removing all the chips.

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Moreover, the vertical panel with extra buttons which open different window is present on the side:

  • Min Max- It is used for opening a range of the payouts for bets.
  • Asterisk- It is used for selecting the side bets.
  • Thermometer- It is used for opening a heat map.
  • Chart- It shows the statistical data on numerous parameters.
  • Fire icon- It display 4 numbers which shows up quite frequently than the others.
  • Snowflake- It display 4 numbers which shows up less frequently as compared to the others.
  • Wrench- It opens various options such as sound, speed, voice, quality and theme.
  • Question Mark- It opens up a section with the detail information on this model.

Also, the information regarding payout, balance and the current bet can be view at the screen’s top.

Casino BonusTo Sum Up

This roulette table game is really an entertaining game. It satiates almost all kinds of different player preferences. It also offers high payouts.

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