Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack card counting is real


If you’re reading this article then there’s a good chance you’ve seen the movie “21” recently; or you’ve read up on the true story behind it and thought “yeah, I’ll have a bit of that!”. While the story of Blackjack card counting is certainly true; casinos up and down the country have made it increasingly harder for players to do it. This is in order to stop themselves being exploited.

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The first thing casinos added to stop Blackjack card counting was an increased number of decks. When you’re only card counting with one deck of cards there’s less cards to keep track of. This means each card in the deck holds a lot more value. There are only four aces in a deck of cards. If three of them have already been dealt out; then you know the chances of you hitting an ace are quite slim. However, if a deck has 24 aces. When 3 of them are dealt out the outcome isn’t affected all that much!

You can still give yourself a bit of an edge if you choose to do Blackjack card counting; however the edge is incredibly small to the point where it won’t turn the overall odds in your favour anymore! If you’d like to know how to card count despite this; perhaps just for some piece of mind or a bit of fun, then we’ll give you a quick rundown of how Blackjack card counting is done.

How to Blackjack card count

How Blackjack card counting is done

In Blackjack the high cards(face cards and aces) are good for the player while the low cards(2-6) are not so good for the player. When the deck has more high cards in the deck than low cards this is good for the player and when there’s more of the low cards this is bad for the player. Blackjack card counting strategy says that you should assign a -1 value to each high card in the deck and a value of 1 to each low card in the deck. As the cards are dealt out you want to start adding up all these 1’s and -1’s to give yourself a card count and when the count is on a positive number this means the deck is in your favour and you want to bet high and when it’s at a negative number you want to play for lower!

Unfortunately, Blackjack card counting doesn’t really work in an online environment anyway as the deck can be shuffled every hand with no time lost thanks to the computer so Blackjack card counting is a bit of a dead art nowadays albeit quite a fun and interesting one!

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