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Blackjack has real strategy to be learned


Blackjack is a very unique game to the casino industry because it is a bit of a skill game where the more skilled you are the more money you will make in the long run or when on a bad run the less you will lose. Because of this there are some key Blackjack strategies you can use to boost your winnings by a good amount which we will go into for you now. Before start, why not check out Slotjar’s 100% up to £200 bonus?

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The first Blackjack strategy we’d highly recommend you make is to never take the dealer’s insurance. When you make Blackjack and the dealer shows an ace they will then offer you to take an instant win at even pay instead of gambling on whether a face card comes out and the game ends in a draw. Our Blackjack strategy here is to never take the insurance! Yeah, sure – sometimes you’ll see a face card come and you’ll split the pot but more often than not a face card won’t be coming and you’ll collect the lot. If you’re planning on playing Blackjack for a long time then this is a sure fire way to make sure you’re making more money in the long run even it it does mean you’re taking a bit more of a gamble!

The number 6 is your friend in Blackjack

The second bit of Blackjack strategy we have for you revolves around the 6 card and more specifically when the dealer has it. When the dealer is dealt a face up 6 card this is when the they’re most likely to bust their hand and so there’s a couple of Blackjack strategies you can employ to turn this into a big advantage for you.

Use a sound Blackjack strategy

Since the dealer is most likely to go bust on a 6 when your total cards are in that awkward range of 12-16 you can confidently stick rather than taking another card knowing that a lot of the time the dealer is going to bust himself. Starting with anywhere between 12-16 is never good but when the dealer shows a 6 you don’t have to risk busting yourself when they can be the one to take the risk!

Also, when you have hands that total 9, 10, and 11 you’ll want to double up against the dealer as you can’t go bust off the hand and you have a great chance at getting at least 20 while the dealer can still bust even if you whiff.

These are some of the best Blackjack strategies around and if you’re looking to increase your edge at the table they’re some of the best ones you can employ to instantly improve your game!

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