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Disco Spins

The grooviest game in the entire casino industry is up next with this title in the Disco Spins Online Slot! If you have a huge love for 70’s dancing and everything that the dance floor had to offer back then well you’re certainly going to feel at home here as NetEnt have managed to capture the atmosphere surrounding those places perfectly which is no more than we deserve to have we think! The graphics used here by NetEnt are quite cartoony and the show plenty of wacky dancers out there on the dance floor strutting their moves and generally trying to show off as much as possible! The colour scheme here is pretty dark overall as the lights flash off the discoballs while the soundtrack to the game just screams disco music and completes the place perfectly!

The Disco Spins Online Slot comes with 5-reels and 20-paylines which is nothing out of the ordinary while the range of stakes here also follow suit starting at just a penny a spin and working themselves up to an incredibly impressive £100 a go! The prize that NetEnt have put on offer here is arguably the most impressive thing about this game coming in at a nearly a quarter million pounds as the jackpot prize!

If you’ve found yourself watching countless detective programs like we have then you may be able to work out what the big feature of this game will be from the name alone. The big feature here in the Disco Spins Online Slot is of course a free spins feature however this is one of the coolest features we’ve come across in a while. There are 15 symbols on this slot and during this round each of the 15 symbols spaces will turn a random colour before the symbols stop; as the symbols stop if the dancer that lands on the symbol matches the colour of that symbol then that dancer will automatically turn into a wild symbol!

The free spins feature of this game is certainly the big highlight of the game in our mind despite the £230k prize up top so if you feel like a boogie and wanna dance the night away then we’d suggest you do it at the Disco Spins Online Slot!


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