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Doctor Love Scratch

This Scratchcard remaining prizes is one of the fun-loving games designed by NYX gaming. This theme is quite cool with cartoons and bright colours. As the name suggests, the game has the symbols related to hospital inventory. Doctor Love is the handsome medical practitioner. Along with his character, all the other characters in the game are beautifully designed.

Scratchcard Remaining PrizesDoctor Love Scratchcard Remaining Prizes Gameplay

Scratchcard PrizesThis scratch card game has good music along with bright graphics. The music throughout the game is captivating. And the bet can range anywhere in 0.2 to 200 pounds.  This game has no paylines but offers the user scratch card experience. What is scratch card gaming? You have to scratch the stacks to reveal the hidden symbols.The player must match 2 or more symbols to win.

This game provides 9 cards arranged in 3×3 rows. These stacks contain the scratchcard remaining prizes secret image hidden in them. After selecting a bet, hit the play button to load your cards. If you find 3 similar symbols behind the stacks, it is a win. However, if you fail, you will lose the bet.  Furthermore, the game settings happen on right side include an increase or decrease of the sound. Moreover, the game involves several symbols that reveal huge payouts. Those symbols include Hot nurse, heart symbol, Ambulance, turtle, Suitcase, Airplane etc.

A bit about the payouts of the Scratchcard Remaining prizes

On single scratchcard remaining prizes, the player has an opportunity to win a large bet of£250,000. A player might get at least one prize on a single card. You win according to the bet amount you placed. The huge your bet is, the more you earn at the end.

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Doctor Love gives thrice to your bet amount which is the highest one, 1000:1. For example: if you bet £2, then he gives 1000✖2=£2000. In a similar way, surfboard gives thrice, 100:1, aeroplane gives thrice, 10:1, suitcase gives thrice,1:1, Turtle gives thrice, 5:1, Heart gives thrice, 2:1, and Mrs.Love gives thrice, 50:1.

Scratchcard To Sum Up

This is a transparent scratch card game with an excellent set of graphics display. The huge jackpot amount creates a high-probability of winning. Doctor Love scratch is completely a luck-based game and the player will absolutely enjoy finding the hidden stacks here.

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