How to win at Roulette

Want to know how to win at Roulette?


Knowing how to win at Roulette is an answer people have been searching for year after year to no avail. The truth is there’s no sure fire way to guarantee yourself to be a winner after all you’re playing a game of chance here. With that said there are certainly things you can do to make yourself a better winner which we think sort of answers the question of how to win at Roulette which we’ll explain to you now.

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The first we have to mention is there are two ways to go about playing Roulette but if you really want to win at Roulette then you’re probably most likely going to have to take one route over the other. The first way you can play Roulette is simply by placing your wager on the outside bets. You’ll normally win at these either one half or one third the time and get either double or triple your money back. This is how to win at the Roulette table if you’re also wanting a lot of fun and action at the table to really get your money’s worth.

If you want to make a lot of money this way you’re going to have to end up winning a couple times in a row as the wins aren’t exactly massive. Try flipping a coin and getting heads five times in a row as that’s sort of what you need to do to win big here so we’d only recommend this strategy if you’re also wanting to get a lot of time and fun out the table to.

Learn how to best win at Roulette

How to win big at Roulette

The main answer we have for how to win at Roulette is basically to bet high and only bet on a couple of numbers. This is a high variance strategy that will see you walking away a loser more often than not but the flip side of it is when you win you win pretty massive! You get 35-1 on a single number so if you can imagine putting £1 on 4 separate numbers and then one of them comes in – you’ve now turned that £4 into £36! Then if you make a second bet where you put £6 on 6 numbers and one comes in you’ve just won £216!

In only two spins you could have turned £4 into £216 and you’ve actually got a couple of numbers to root for each time so it will happen often enough.While you may not end up a winner every time, when you do win it will be big and as a result you’ll have one hell of a week!

As we say though, there is no true answer of how to win at Roulette however if you know what type of win you’re looking to make you can certainly play accordingly!

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