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Note: CoolPlay Casino no longer offers a  free iPhone Casino bonus as such. Players can enjoy a wide range of top slots and online casino games such as mobile roulette and blackjack for fun in demo mode – Deposit Bonus needed. Deposit to play for real money and get up to £100 cash match as part of your welcome bonus.

The mobile world has pretty much split itself into two categories over the last decade: those who use iphones, and those who use androids. Fortunately though, the mobile casino industry doesn’t like to judge and so they’ve made sure that there’s plenty of mobile casinos out there that suit both iphone and android users!

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That being said, the casino industry isn’t the type of industry to stop right there and you’ll be happy to know that if you’re an iphone user there’s a whole lot of iphone casino free bonuses waiting for you to claim! There’s a lot of mobile casinos out there and they all want your business and so iphone casino free bonuses are incredibly common which is a good thing as it means you won’t have to search very far to find one. In fact you’ll even be able to find one right here at Cool Play casino!


What the iphone bonus does for you

Playing at a new casino for the first time can always be a very nervous task for a number of reasons. The first is you’re putting your hard earned money on a site you’ve never spent any time at before but not only that you won’t know what the software on the site will be like either. An iphone casino free bonus aims to tackle both of these issues by giving players the opportunity to try before they buy and see if the place is just what they’re looking for.

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With an iPhone casino free bonus you’ll be given either a couple of quid to spend how you wish or a bunch of free spins for fun in demo mode to try and turn into a fortune. To be honest it doesn’t matter all that much which of the two you end up getting as they both have the same result. You get to look around your new potential site(did someone say Cool Play?), see what sort of games are on offer, play a few of those games to learn what you’re doing, and then have a think about if this is the place for you. Oh, you also may get to make a nice little withdrawal before you even deposit a penny which is another bonus!

The best part about it all is if you’re not a fan of what you’ve seen then there’s absolutely no reason you have to stay! So even if you’ve played at an online casino before we’d still highly recommend you get an iphone casino free bonus like at Cool Play casino so you know exactly what you’re getting before you make a deposit!

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