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Keno is one of the online slot games developed by Micro gaming, a top leader in the casino gaming industry. The theme of the game runs on a lottery basis. You can get the game board colour green or violet and instead of the colour, the game runs on the same thesis.  User interface is also simple and easy to understand. Anyone can play this game without any difficulty. Location of the payout table is also flexible.

KenoEnjoy the Keno Game Play

The Keno board consists of the numbers ranging from 1-80.You can bet anywhere on 1,2,5 and 10 pounds. You can Increase or decrease the bet by the symbols given at the bottom of the table.

Soon after selecting the bet amount, the player has to select the numbers from anywhere between 1-15 randomly. As soon as you select the numbers on board, the colour of the number changes. All the numbers you select change in a similar way. While you are selecting each number, the left side of the screen displays the payouts for winning.  When you move on increasing the numbers, the higher the payout will be.

Once you select all the 15 numbers, shoot the play button. Instantly 20 golden balls roll down. Immediately you select a ball to test your winning possibility. If the ball colour changes to orange colour, it is a win. Player might select some balls and could not win, these balls remain in gold colour. However, the balls you did not select remains grey in colour. For starting a new game anytime, hit the clear button. You can undo or re-enter anything with undo button. The credits you won displays in the win column at the bottom. Whereas the bet amount shows opposite column

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Keno Payouts

Keno PokerKeno offers its players huge payouts, and one can receive them in their casino account when they win.

The player gets the following

0.5 pounds for 3-4 numbers choosing right,

1 pounds for 5  numbers,2£ for 6 numbers,

5 pounds for 7 numbers, 15£ for 8 numbers,

50 pounds for 9 numbers,

150 pounds for 10 numbers, 300£ for 11 numbers,

600 pounds for 12 numbers, 1200£ for 13 numbers,

2500 pounds for 14 numbers, and

10,000 pounds for 15 numbers .

Online Casino GamesTo Sum Up

Keno is a beautiful and simple lottery game with a stunning interface. Colour coding makes you identify the elements easier, and overall the game has huge winning potential.

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