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Live Blackjack

Casino games are fun and exciting. Various casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat etc have unmatched adrenaline rush linked to them. But when it comes to the different casino games, no one seems to match the popularity of blackjack. Blackjack has been the most sought-after casino game ever since its invention. It is, after all, the only casino game based on game skills and strategy and not just mere luck.

The prevalence of casino games on the online platform has increased their popularity by manifold. In fact, the concept of online-based casinos has been revolutionary. The gambling enthusiasts can now avail the facility of live blackjack casino from the comfort of their den. Live blackjack is extremely fun to play and is too engrossing.

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How to play live blackjack casino?

Live blackjack is similar to the traditional blackjack and is very simple to understand. The rules and regulations are quite easy to follow. The game is played with six decks of cards. The main goal of the game is to score points higher than the dealer, in order to defeat him. Although, the score shouldn’t be more than 21 points. In case, the player hits a score of more than 21, the situation is known as a bust and the player loses.

The game begins by placing bets. After the wagering is done, the dealer deals the cards. Two cards are dealt with each player, both of them kept face-up. Only one of the cards of the dealer is kept face-up. According to the cards dealt, the player can choose to hit, stand, double, split, insurance or surrender. The dealer, at all times, stands on 17.

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Live blackjack casino: Features

Live BlackjackLive blackjack is laced with cutting-edge streaming technology, unmatched gameplay and superior design. It boasts of amazing features, enhancing the gaming experience of the player. Live blackjack casino has the facility of a live dealer. The player can have his/her queries and problems solved with the help of the live dealer. They also offer the facility of live chat, where the players can chat with fellow players and the dealer. They can also keep track of the statistics and gaming record.

The player has the option of splitting the hand into two if they have cards of the same denomination. The game also has the facility of insurance. The insurance amount is equal to half the initial bet amount. The payout of insurance is 2:1. The blackjack payout is 3:2.

Blackjack CasinoTo Sum up

To sum up, live blackjack casino is extremely engrossing and has the aura of the land-based casino. It is best suited to the needs of all kinds of player and is highly recommended to all the gambling enthusiasts.

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