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Note: CoolPlay Casino no longer offers a mobile casino  free bonus as such. Players can enjoy a wide range of top slots and online casino games such as mobile roulette and blackjack for fun in demo mode – Deposit Bonus needed. Deposit to play for real money and get up to £100 cash match as part of your welcome bonus. 

If you’ve decided you want to play at a mobile casino then there’s a good chance that’s because of all the freedom you get from being able to choose when and where you get to play your favourite games. That in and of itself is more than a good enough reason as to why you may want to join a mobile casino such as Cool Play casino however there’s plenty more reasons where that came from!

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One of those reasons is for all the additional bonuses you’ll get as a mobile player as there’s plenty of mobile exclusive bonuses out there waiting to be claimed. Even better than this though is the fact there’s plenty of mobile casino free bonuses to be claimed as well which means you’ll be able to get yourself a bunch of freebies without committing yourself to the site at all.


Why you want a free mobile bonus

The whole purpose of a mobile casino free bonus is not for the free stuff it offers. Although that is no doubt fantastic! We’d argue the main reason for mobile casino free bonuses is to find a site that suits your needs perfectly. Especially since that doesn’t require you to spend money learning how to play the games!

We believe this is the main reason as to why you should want a mobile casino free bonus. Plus, when you do take a site like Cool Play casino up on their free mobile casino bonus you don’t have to feel any sort of commitment to stay.  The deal is there to help you find the right place coming with no strings attached!

Get full use out of a mobile casino free bonus

When it comes to the actual bonuses you’ll usually receive one of two things; Either free cash or free spins. To be honest there’s not really all that much between the two bonuses. The free spins you get will turn into cash anyway so whether or not you’re a slot player you should still enjoy them all the same. When it comes to the Deposit Bonus bonuses you can normally expect a free £5 or £10 from a mobile casino. If you find one for any more than that you’ve struck gold.

Whether it’s for the free spins or the free cash you get from your mobile casino free bonus the most important thing in our opinion is to learn the software, find a site that fits your needs, and of course… to walk away a winner in the process too!

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