Mobile Slots Bonus

A bonus for mobile slots players


If you want to keep up with the times then you’re gonna want to start playing your favourite casino games through your mobile at a mobile casino; and if you’re gonna sign up to a mobile casino then you want to make sure you’re getting a mobile slots bonus when you do! One of the best things about playing at a mobile casino is there’s so much competition that everyone wants to give you a bunch of bonuses when you sign up to their site. These bonuses will come in many different shapes and sizes too in order to cater to the needs of every type of player out there. If you even take a look at Cool Play Casino you’ll see we have plenty of fantastic mobile slot bonuses to reward our many mobile slots players!

Mobile Slots Bonus

If your main goal when joining a new casino is to play their slots then you’ll quickly find that just about every bonus they have on their site is a mobile slots bonus. The first mobile slots bonus you’ll want to claim however is the free mobile slots bonus as this will give you either a bit of cash to spend on whatever slots you’d like or simply enjoy free spins for fun in demo mode on select mobile slots. 

The main mobile slots bonus

The big mobile slots bonuses will be handed out when a player first makes their deposit on their new mobile casino. Here at Cool Play Casino the first deposit you make on the site will be matched up to deposits of £100 which means you can have up to £100 extra in your account to do nothing more than play slots with. This extra cash gives you the perfect opportunity to try out a lot of new mobile slots to see if you can find a new game that’s right up your street!

About Mobile Slots bonuses

This type of mobile slots bonus does come with the catch that you have to play for a certain amount of time just to stop players running off with all that added slot money they give them as they would go broke real fast otherwise! This isn’t usually a problem as it’s not a great deal of playing however if you’d like to avoid this you can always choose a cashback deal instead.

A cashback deal is a mobile slot bonus that will refund you a certain percentage of your original deposit it you lose it near right away no strings attached! The best part about mobile slot bonuses like these two mentioned is you’ll find them being handed out on site’s each and every week so whenever you’re in the mood to play some slots there will always be a mobile slot bonus waiting inside.

So regardless of which mobile casino you’re looking to sign up to make sure you take them up on a couple of mobile slot bonuses first!

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