Online Casino Free Welcome Bonus

Get an online casino free welcome bonus

Note: CoolPlay Casino no longer offers a free welcome bonus. Instead, players can enjoy a wide range of top slots and online casino games for fun in demo mode – Deposit Bonus needed. Deposit to play for real money and get up to £100 cash match as part of your welcome bonus. 

If you’re about to begin the exciting journey into the world of online casinos the first thing you’re gonna want to do is get your hands on an online casino free welcome bonus first as these sweet deals are the perfect way to begin your journey. You’ll find no shortage of online casinos offering up one form of online casino free welcome bonus or another and even here at Cool Play Casino we have a similar freebie or two for you to claim!

Online Casino Free Welcome Bonus

The first thing that should be noted about an online casino free welcome bonus is that they’re not the main bonus you’ll get. That honour would lie with the new player matching deposit bonuses. This is actually a good thing to be honest as it means you’ll get another great bonus in addition to this online casino free welcome bonus; and double the bonus means double the fun!

An online casino free welcome bonus costs nothing!

The cost of an online casino free welcome bonus is simply registering an account with a site that offers one and in return they’ll give you somewhere in the region of £5 to £15 to spend at their casino. There’s no strings attached with this bonus so if you completely run it dry then you don’t need to feel committed to stay if you didn’t enjoy the place. Not only that, but if you start winning money in the games from one of these bonuses then you’ll also be getting to walk away a winner here completely free of charge!

A casino bonus which costs nothing!

The money isn’t really the main point of an online casino free welcome bonus though as the main point is to allow you to learn how to play the games in a competitive environment. Making the switch to online means there will be a couple of things you need to learn and there’s nothing that beats experience in this regard which is why online casinos offer this bonus up. That and the fact they’re willing to bet on the fact that you love their site so much you’ll want to stay!

So whether you’re new or not to the online casino industry we’d still recommend you grab yourself an online casino free welcome bonus as it will allow you to find out if you like the site, discover some games you may not have otherwise tried, and of course it gives you a shot at winning free money too!

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