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Everything you need to know about an online casino


If you’ve come to the smart decision that it’s about time you learned what online casinos are; how to play in them; and what they can offer you, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here we’ll be able to give you a full rundown on everything you need to know about online casinos as well as what makes them so good!

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 We’ll start off by explaining what an online casino is just so that everyone is on the same page for the rest of the article. An online casino is basically the same as a land based casino except for the fact that it will be played online through your laptop or pc in your home except instead of an actual casino. The games you’ll be able to play at an online casino are the same games with the same rules you’re used to playing they’ll just be virtual games instead. Apart from the fact you’ll be playing it from your computer there’s basically no difference when it comes to the games and what you can play so you won’t find yourself getting lost at any point.

How to play online casino games

When you’ve signed up with your first online casino you’ll want to head on over to the games lobby section which will give you a giant list of all the games that are available. Due to the sheer number of games there will be search features and category breakdowns here to help you find what you’re looking for a lot faster.

About online casinos

Once you’ve found the game you’re after and clicked on the title that game will pop up on the screen showing you your account balance, a stack of chips that you’ll bet with, along with the game you’ll be playing. For table games making a bet at an online casino only requires you to click once on the chip you’d like to bet with and click once more in the betting box which you’d like to place that chip in. There will always be a couple of added betting features that will help you remove unwanted bets or to speed up the betting process so you don’t need to worry about making any mistakes.

This is pretty much everything you need to know in order to start playing in the online casino games however you don’t have to stress out about putting your own money on the line to get you started as online casinos like Cool Play Casino Online will offer a free to play version of their games so you can get to grips with the games before you start playing them for real cash!

Online casino Deposit Bonus bonus

Once you’re feeling comfortable with how to use the software and navigate through the site you’ll be ready to play and the first thing you’ll want to do is take a site up on their Deposit Bonus bonus! The bonuses that online casinos offer players is one of the biggest selling points to using the medium as these can be worth thousands of pounds at the start and over the course of the year you could easily see yourself racking up a few thousand pounds extra if not more.

Online Casino advantages

The Deposit Bonus bonuses offered by online casinos aren’t the biggest of these bonuses nor are they offered by every online casino however they are free and they’re an excellent tool for new players onto the scene. A Deposit Bonus bonus will typically be in the range of £5-£15 and if you can find one for more than that you’ll be doing very well for yourself. There is a playing requirement attached to this bonus but that’s simply to stop you running off with the free money you get right away. If you do end up winning from this bonus you can most definitely make a sizable withdrawal for your troubles but we’d say this isn’t the main point of a Deposit Bonus bonus.

What makes them so useful

The best part about one of these bonuses in our opinion is to learn how to play the games in a competitive environment which will make the transition into the real money games that little bit easier. The other advantage of one of these bonuses is you can try out a few new games on the site that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise played to see if there’s a game you like out there even more than your current favourite!

If you end up losing all of your Deposit Bonus bonus there’s no commitment for you to stay either so this really is a win win situation for you.

Online casino Deposit Bonus bonusThe big online casino bonus

If you are happy enough with the online casino you’re at and you want to play some more then the next step will be to take them up on one of their new player matching deposit bonuses as this is where the big bucks are made. Some of these deals will match any deposit you make up to £1,000 while others will give you an extra £20 or £30 to play with off a £10 deposit! These matching deposit bonuses come in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of every player but the one thing they all do is line your pocket quite nicely!

With this all said we’ve probably not even mentioned the best part about when it comes to online casinos and that’s how many games you’ll have the choice of! Online casinos aren’t restricted in any way by space and so this has meant they can add extra titles to their collection at no real added cost which means pretty much every site you go to will give you a choice of a few hundred games at least while the biggest of the lot will be starting to push that 1,000 games mark!

With this many games the odds of you finding a couple you’re head over heels in love with is pretty high and so this combined with the massive bonuses and the freedom of getting to play from your own home makes online casinos the ultimate gaming destination!


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