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Pharaoh Bingo

Pharaoh Bingo

Great treasures are still alive in the lands of the great Pharaohs, and that paradise has been brought to you in the form of the Pharaoh Bingo game, which is being developed by the world gaming leader Microgaming. A ruler of Egypt, an ancient pharaoh, stands courtly upon the bingo balls in this exciting bingo game. Moreover, the entire game has a virtual feel of an archaeological site which is built out of the historic bedecked and brickwork along with the traditional scarabs and Egyptian ankhs. This game has an RTP of 94.7%.

Pharaoh BingoPharaoh Bingo Gameplay!

Pharaoh Bingo game consists of four bingo cards, each with the 5 by 3 grid. At the beginning of each game, the players will be offered up to 4 cards and 14 patterns, so as to match with any other card. Then, the players must select their cards and must set their wager per card by utilising the buttons located under “Stake”. After such, they must select the “Cards” menu where they will adjust the number of the cards that they want to play during a single time. Also, If the players do not want the numbers displayed on their cards, then they must hit “Change Cards” icon till they are satisfied. The players can adjust their stake from a minimum value of £0.10 to a maximum value of £10.00 per card.

Pharaoh BingoHow To Play?

The players will begin Pharaoh Bingo with a quick random draw of 30 balls from a set of 60 available balls. If the matching pattern appears, then the players will be rewarded with huge cash prizes. Moreover, if the set of 30 balls have been already exhausted by the players and they require only one matching symbol, then they must lose the hope as this game has a special feature of buying a Bonus Ball. This special feature offers 10 additional balls which would contain a random number with a random price upon them. The players can squeeze a maximum amount up to £100,000.00 during their gameplay.

Noteable Features

Pharaoh Bingo has high-definition graphics along with a mysterious Middle Eastern electrifying soundtrack, which has done a proper justice to the the theme of this game. Moreover, after each instance of the matching numbers on the player’s cards, those that will get marked with an X and winning combos will get turned into red. Moreover, if the players requires only 1 more number to form a winning combination, then it will get highlighted by a yellow colour. This game can be played on all pcs, mobiles and tablets which makes it quite accessible for all the slot players.

Bingo GamesTo Sum Up

The Pharaoh Bingo is one of the finest game developed by microgaming. This game has exciting gameplay which keeps players engulf in it. Moreover, it has a high variance and one can earn a good amount by playing it cleverly.

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