Phone Slots Free Bonus

About a phone slots free bonus

NOTE: CoolPlay Casino no longer offers  a phone slots free bonus as such. Instead, players can enjoy  top slots and table games for fun in demo mode – Deposit Bonus needed. Deposit to spin for real money and get up to £100 cash match welcome bonus.

If you like to play slots and you’ve got a mobile phone then you’ll definitely want to hear about phone slots free bonuses as by doing nothing more than choosing to play through your mobile phone you’ll get a free bonus to play whichever slot games you’d like! Most places have come to the realisation than mobile gaming and mobile casinos are the way forward and so to convince you that their casino is the place to be online and mobile casinos will offer phone slots free bonuses to those who sign up to their site through their mobile!

phone slots free bonus

There’s two ways to get a phone slots free bonus

There are two separate ways phone slots free bonuses can be given out and both are just as desirable as the other as they give you the chance to play your favourite slots for free and even walk away with a prize in the process! The first phone slots free bonus will come in the form of free spins and the best part about these are they’re usually for one of the site’s top mobile slots too. At CoolPlay Casino, players can enjoy most of our slots and table games for fun in demo mode – Deposit Bonus necessary.

Claim a phone Slots free bonus

The second type of phone slot free bonus is one where you’ll get a bit of cash to play around with on any of the slots you wish. The amount you get isn’t a crazy amount but it generally will be for a minimum of £5 and if you start winning in the games you’re playing on then you most certainly will be turning that phone slot free bonus into real cash you can withdraw from the site before you’ve even made a deposit so it’s definitely worth your time.

What a phone slots free bonus is good for

Phone slots free bonuses aren’t just good because it’s a chance at free money, they’re also a great opportunity for you to try out a few new games you may have never considered before and as a result you may end up finding a mobile slot you fall absolutely in love with!

This is actually a pretty common scenario and when you think about it what are the odds of you stumbling onto the phone slot you end up loving the most right away? The odds are quite slim simply for the fact there’s hundreds of games to choose from so by taking a site up on their phone slots free bonuses you’re giving yourself the chance to play a couple more of their games and so increase the likelihood of you finding your new favourite game!

Why you should claim a free Slots bonus

Phone slots are starting to become a little different from online slots nowadays largely because game designers are now adding in elements of gameplay to phone slots that make use of the touch screens they have so they’re adding a bit more interaction with their games which means some phone slot games will be a little different from their online counterparts and a phone slots free bonus lets you see how they’ve changed!

So if you’re a slot mad player and you’ve got a mobile then there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t take up a phone slot free bonus like the one at Cool Play Casino for a couple of reasons: the first one is it’s a chance to learn how to use the software and discover new games for free, and the second of those is simply that it’s a free chance at walking away with some money and who doesn’t love that!

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