Poker Pay By Phone Bill

The easy deposit method for Poker players


If you’ve signed yourself up to an online casino(hopefully Cool Play Casino); then there’s a good chance it’s for all the luxuries that only they can afford. One of these luxuries being able to play your favourite game in your own home. If you’re a player who prefers to play poker this also means that you’ll likely be very interested in hearing about the new deposit method which is making life even easier than it already was. That is the poker pay by phone bill deposit method! There’s only one thing you need in order to use this method which is a mobile phone which ideally has a contract attached to it otherwise some credit on it, and if you’ve got that you’ll be able to get involved in all the hot poker action in no more than a few minutes time!

Poker Pay By Phone Bill

The way the poker pay by phone bill deposit methods works is your deposit amount will be getting charged to your phone bill instead of your bank account and if you don’t have a contract phone then it will be getting deducted from the credit you have on your phone instead.

How to use the Poker pay by phone bill deposit method

To use the poker pay by phone bill deposit method you’ll first want to head to the site’s cashier section and select pay by phone as your option. After this you’ll then be asked to enter your deposit amount followed by your phone number. Finally you’ll be prompted to confirm this deposit through your phone and once you have your account will be instantly topped up with your deposit amount.

Make a deposit through your mobile The first advantage poker players get by using the poker pay by phone bill deposit method is you don’t need to put any of your bank details onto the site which doubles up as a bit of a safety net and most definitely a time saver!

The second advantage of the two is the biggest though which is this means even if you don’t have any money you can still play in the real money games! Everyone’s been in the situation where payday is just around the corner while you’re just itching to play in the games and thanks to the poker pay by phone bill method you can still make a deposit without money knowing you don’t have to pay until your phone bill is due.

So if you’re a poker player looking for increased speed, security, and control over when you pay then the poker pay by phone bill deposit method is the option for you!

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