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If you’re brand new to the online casino industry and you’re itching to play the exciting game of Roulette (hopefully at Cool Play Casino), allow us to just slow you down for one minute to tell you all about Roulette free play. Roulette Free play is an excellent resource you’ll get a great deal of use out of if you’re new to the online world.

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Making the switch to online play means that there will be a couple of differences between the game of Roulette you’re used to playing and the Roulette that’s available online; and if you jump straight into the real money games you could end up losing a bit of money on mistakes that could otherwise have been avoided, and the way they can be avoided is by first playing Roulette free play!

Cool Play Casino and many others like us will offer you Roulette free play as we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you start playing as firstly, we don’t want you making any mistakes and costing yourself money; and secondly, we want you to find the game you prefer the most first so you can put your money to better use!

The reasons for Roulette free play

The first reason as to why we do this is pretty obvious – the way you make your bets will be a little different as you’re online now and the layout is not what you’ll be used to either so Roulette free play lets you get accustomed to this set up and lets you play around and get confident with it in a safe environment.

About free play Roulette

The second reason we have is because there are many unique versions of online Roulette and they all have their own little perks that may make you enjoy them more than the main game. Roulette free play allows you to go around them all and make as many spins as you like to see what they have to offer and if they’re the game for you.

In the end there’s pretty much no downside to playing in the Roulette free play games and rather all upside. These games don’t cost you any money to play and they are an exact replica of the real play versions so by doing this you’re able to learn the ropes pretty quickly while at the same time you can find the version of Roulette you enjoy the most!

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