Roulette Pay By Phone Bill

The easy way to make a Roulette deposit by phone bill…


There’s a lot of comforts that come from playing at an online casino. One of the newer comforts is the way you get to make your deposits. This is thanks to the Roulette pay by phone bill option as getting your money onto a site is now one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. This particular deposit method makes use of your mobile phone. This means you need one that’s either on a monthly contract; or one that’s topped up with enough cash to pay the deposit.

Roulette Pay By Phone Bill deposit

Then the next time you want to play some online Roulette  select the Roulette pay by phone bill option in the site’s cashier. Then enter your deposit amount along with your mobile number. At this point a confirmation text will be sent to your mobile asking for verification. You do this through your mobile phone; and once you have your money will instantly appear on the site! You can then focus on playing Roulette!

If you don’t like dealing with online banking a Roulette pay by phone bill deposit method is the perfect way to circumvent that. Plus, it also means you don’t need to put any of your bank details online whenever you make a deposit.

Play Roulette before you pay

Perhaps the best part for online Roulette players about a Roulette pay by phone bill deposit option is that even if you haven’t made it to payday yet you’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite games wherever you’d like! This is because you don’t need to pay for this deposit until your monthly phone bill is due. This means if your bill’s not due for another week or two and you don’t have any cash in your bank; there’s still a way for you to to enjoy your favourite game!

Play Roulette by paying on your phone

While being able to play when you don’t have cash is certainly a massive positive for using the Roulette pay by phone bill method; in our opinion the best part about it is simply how simple it is to use. You’re literally only entering your mobile number and deposit amount. You don’t need to have any computer skills whatsoever to use this method; and there’s no way for it to go wrong either! Paying by phone bill is really that easy!

So the next time you fancy spinning the wheel why not use the Roulette pay by phone bill method that’s offered up by Cool Play Casino to get some money onto your site! You can compare more roulette phone SMS billing options at right here

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