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Roulette tips involve knowing what you want


Giving a player some Roulette tips can be a bit of a double edged sword sometimes as there’s many different ways the game can be played and so you don’t want to give the wrong tip! So instead of giving you just one sure fire way to play we’ll give you two different Roulette tips that will be useful for different players so you can get an idea of how to get the most out of your play!

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The first thing we need to do before we give you any Roulette tips though is figure out which kind of player you are as this will determine your best course of action! There are two main types of players at the Roulette table which are the all or nothing gamblers, or those who are there just looking for a bit of fun. There are some who are in between and we’ll address them a little later as well.

The two main Roulette tips

Our first Roulette tip is for those who are looking for the big win and that’s to not spread around your bets too much and basically to just cram it all onto a few numbers in as few spins as possible. The reason for this is that every time you spin the wheel you’re paying a little rake to the casino.

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This is generally a small amount but if you make a spin and only win a little bit of money back because you spread your bets then you’re never really going to get to that moment where you strike it rich – especially if you’re paying off a little amount to the casino each time for the chance. Whereas if you place all the money down over two or three spins and over just a few numbers and you win – you’re going to walk away with a lot of money which is what you’re looking for so that would be our Roulette tip for you!

If on the other hand fun is the main allure for you and you don’t mind being a little bit up or a little down by the end then we’d recommend you make bets on the outside betting options such as red or black, high or low, odd or even, or which third it will land in. When you play these bets it’s never too long before you hit a winner and so you’ll never lose all your money right away and can walk away a nice winner from time to time too.

These are the two main Roulette tips we have for you however if you’re not sure which type of player you are you can always mix things up a bit until you find what you like best!

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