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Making the switch from your local casino to an online one can be both an exciting and frightening proposition. There’s new things you must be learn however the advantages you get from learning them completely outweigh the costs. These costs are made even smaller if you’re a new player on the scene too. This is thanks to the many Roulette wheel free spins that sites like to offer up; giving players an easier transition into the online world.

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There are two ways  a player can receive Roulette wheel free spins. If we were being really pedantic then we’re sure we could break them into even more. Even so, the two main ones are straight up free spins and free cash.

The two ways free spins are given

To be honest there isn’t a great deal between these two types of bonuses and we’ll break them both down so you can see why. The first type of Roulette wheel free spins bonus you get are just straight up free spins. These are given when you first register an account with a site and it’s not the most common type of bonus you’ll find out there but there will be a few. Even so when you use the free spins the money you make from them can then be spent anywhere else on the site which makes it all the better!

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The second type of bonus that sees you getting Roulette wheel free spins are Deposit Bonus bonuses which just give you cash instead. It not usually a great deal but it can be as high as £15 in some places which is pretty crazy given it’s free. This is money that can be spent anywhere in the casino including at the Roulette wheel giving you plenty of Roulette wheel free spins!

Regardless, both of these bonuses will give you a bunch of added Roulette wheel free spins to start with. This gives you the opportunity to learn how the games work; find the Roulette game that you like the most; as well as a free chance to walk away with some cash in your pocket! The fact that the Roulette wheel free spins you can receive will be turned into cash; as well as the fact that the Deposit Bonus bonus can be spent on free spins you can quickly; you can begin to see how these two bonuses do pretty much the same thing!

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