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What are Scratch Cards?


Not everyone likes to spend a lot of time at the tables be it Roulette and Blackjack and instead simply want a quick rush of adrenaline and a chance to win a lot of money. If that sounds like you then worry not as online casinos have the answer and it comes in the form of scratch cards! Scratch cards have been around now for decades and we can’t imagine there’s anyone here who doesn’t know what they are. What you may not know about though is online scratch cards which offer the exact same thrills and excitement as regular scratch cards except in an online format.

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With that said there are quite a few additional features that online scratch cards posses that make them a bit more of a lucrative option when it comes to deciding where to play. The first thing we’d say regarding online scratch cards is that they’re a lot more fun. When it comes to choosing which scratch card to play you’ll be met with lots of scratch cards with different themes and mini games which make them a lot more interesting and exciting to play than simply scratching away to reveal whether or not a prize is there.

This alone should make online scratch cards real standout contenders as not only are you getting that quick rush of adrenaline you’re looking for without wasting much time, but you’re also getting it in a much more exciting format as well!

Scratch card prizes

Perhaps the biggest selling point to online scratch cards is the fact that the prizes here can be absolutely massive! It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that things in the online world tend to be bigger, whether that’s the collection of games or the prizes on offer and that’s no different with scratch cards.

You can play scratch cards online

While there are regular scratch cards that offer up a million pound jackpot prize they normally cost a lot of money normally in the range of £10, or £5 if you’re lucky. Because of the sheer number of players that buy online scratch cards online casinos are able to offer up cards that have multi million pound jackpot prizes attached to them and they don’t even cost as much to play either!

So with more games and themes to choose from as well as multi million pound jackpot prizes on offer if you’re a fan of scratch cards you’ll definitely want to take a look at the ones on offer at online casinos like here at Cool Play Casino!

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