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Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Experienced online casino blackjack players should be used to the various versions available on the Microgaming platform. One of such games is the Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, which is an upgrade from its predecessor of a similar name. This review gives you a sneak preview into what this blackjack game is all about.

Vegas Strip Blackjack GoldVegas Strip Blackjack Gold A Nice Upgrade

Experienced players would notice that the Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is an upgrade of Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack. This version, however, is full of very detailed graphics, more sound settings and an even better user-friendly interface.The animation in this blackjack is very realistic and entertaining.

The developers have taken great pains to ensure that players can fully navigate the game’s interface with ease. This is great for both experienced and new players alike. This blackjack is equipped with even greater playing options, to make your gameplay experience worthwhile. You also have an auto re-bet and quick deal option amongst many others.

Understanding This Online Blackjack Game

Vegas Strip Blackjack GamesThis online blackjack can be played at your convenience, and from any Internet-ready compatible mobile device. It works superbly on mobile devices with either an Android or iOS operating system.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold observes standard blackjack playing rules. However, there are a few differences to this game. For example, this blackjack comes with 4 standard playing card decks. Bets can be doubled down even after you have split a hand. You can make as many as three splits, to give you four hands for each betting round. After a split, players are also allowed to double-down.

Winning On Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

You have access to an Insurance option so that you can play against the dealer’s possibility of owning a blackjack. As with most blackjack games, you are expected to land a hand with an overall card value of “21” in order to defeat the dealer, or you can win if the total value of your cards is greater than that of the dealer.

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If the dealer lands a blackjack at the beginning of the game, he will not deal any cards to the players. You can place a bet of between £1 and £100 for every hand. It is possible for you to have a betting value on the betting table of as much as £1800 if you exercise your right to take an Insurance, engage in four double downs and have three splits done.

Online BlackjackTo Sum up

With smooth, realistic graphics and animation as well as very decent sounds. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is truly a notch better than its predecessor. If you enjoyed the earlier version, you are sure to love this one.


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